An Australian parent has written a blog about her experiences parenting her son called Parenting Jeremy. She describes herself as follows:

Parenting Jeremy blogI am middle class, nearing middle age and about as normal as you could get.  I have two amazing children, Luke and Jeremy (formerly Kati)

Three and a half years ago I left my husband and having been managing the parenting journey for my youngest basically on my own since then.  About two and  a half years ago my beautiful baby started to make declarations regarding her sexuality, bi-sexual, gay and then about nine months ago, Kati asked for support to live the next three years as a boy.

I will be honest, I have struggled.  The person that you have known for fifteen years as a girl now wants to be known as a boy.  It wasn’t easy, it isn’t easy, but we love each other.  I love Jeremy.  I still love Kati.

Many people question what is happening.  I thought I would start writing about our journey for selfish reasons, I find it positive to manage my thoughts by writing them down.  I also wanted to share my experiences because I have found that gender is more than boy and girl and help others to understand that too

The blog is beautifully written, a very honest and moving account of this family’s gender journey. Highly recommended reading. You can find her blog here.