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Curtains: Are They Really Expensive in Australia?


If you’re looking for inexpensive curtains, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find out that there are several inexpensive options out there. However, if you’re looking to save money, make sure that you take care of your curtains so they last as long as possible before needing to be replaced. Not only will this make your curtains more cost-effective in the long run, it’ll also keep your home looking tidy and elegant. Here are some tips on how to prolong the life of your curtains while still keeping the price down.

How much does it cost to have curtains made?

The cost of having curtains made depends on a few different factors. The first thing to consider is the material you want the curtains to be made out of. Curtains are available in a number of materials, including cotton and polyester. Cotton curtains tend to be more expensive than polyester because they are often sewn by hand and require more time for construction. The next consideration is the type of curtain style that you would like.


DIY curtain ideas

Window treatments are a great way to add some style and class to your home. Curtains, especially, offer an opportunity for you to be creative with fabrics and patterns. If you think that curtains are expensive in Australia, it might surprise you to know that there are many DIY curtain ideas available on Pinterest.

Where can you buy readymade curtains from?

There are many places to buy readymade curtains from. Your local fabric store is the best place to start, and you can find a variety of styles and fabrics there. Online stores are also a great place to look for curtains that you may not be able to find locally.


The short answer is no, curtains are not expensive in Australia. However, with the rise of online shopping for home goods, there are now more options to compare prices and quality before committing to a purchase. Some large retailers may charge more than smaller shops due to increased overhead costs, so be sure to check around. If you’re willing to do some sewing yourself, then you can save even more money. You’ll need fabric and lining if you want something nice enough for your house though.

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