Documentaries & Films

‘About a girl’, Australian Story, ABC , 15th August 2016

Sixteen-year-old Georgie Stone has battled prejudice, bullying and even legal hurdles to become the remarkable young woman she is today.

As a transgender teen, Georgie is now trying to use her experience to help other young people.



Age groups: 11 years old to adult (Australian) – Highly recommended

Click this link to watch this excellent Australian documentary:


In My Shoes – The Gender Centre of NSW. Age group: mid/ late teens (Australian)

Short (3.5 minute) clip on the differences between sex, gender, and sexuality

The Project ‘Being Emma’:  click here for video

Milla’s Story: Meet Renee Fabish, a Brisbane mother of two, who’s recently taken to Facebook to announce her child’s gender transition with an amazing, brave and incredibly emotional Facebook slideshow.

Louis Theroux ‘Transgender Kids’ – 2015, BBC 2

I am Jazz – Age at time of interview: 11 years, USA


A Day in the Life of a Transman – short animated film, UK based, about early transition.

How to be a girl – a mother and her daughter explore gender

The Light –  sweet short film – young child – boy with dress – no dialogue

Avery’s Story – USA

‘That’s Good Enough’ Powerful speech by Avery’s mum, Debi Jackson

Milla’s Story – link to video on Facebook

How to be a Girl: A Mother And Her Transgender Daughter Explore Gender

Australian Story – Call Me Cate – Australia

TedX Talk – Growing Up Transgender – Australia

Not Your Usual Bedtime Story – Photographer Bruce Weber takes an intimate and inspiring look at the transgender community