Support Services

Working It Out



  • Individual Counselling & support
  • Support Groups
  • Student education & support in schools (Safe School’s Coalition)
  • Training in workplaces (including teachers, employers and employees)
  • Information
  • Policy Development
Parent Review:

Working It Out has been wonderful to my family – providing great advice when I’ve needed it to work out how to support my daughter. They listen, they’re non-judgmental, and they have taught me so much. I go to a monthly Parent Support Group which has been great – meeting other people face-to-face who are working through similar issues has been invaluable. They have a lot of resources in their North Hobart Office, and have been able to provide training for our school. I’d highly recommend them.

Working It Out South

278 Argyle Street
North Hobart 7000
6231 1200

Working It Out North

Room 40, L3 Holyman House, 52 Brisbane Street
Launceston 7250
0438 346 122

Working It Out Northwest

Working It Out staff travel to the NW regularly and are available by apppointment. Please phone 0438 346122 or email for more information.
Online Forum & Support – please contact us via our Facebook page for more details
Dr Jason Westwater
Clare House, New Town, TAS
Ph: 03 61 660588

You need a referral from a GP to get an appointment.

Dr Louise Owen
Sexual Health Clinic – Statewide
Free Call: 1800 675 859
Patients can self-refer but involvement of a GP is preferred, staff can assist with finding a GP.
Referrals accepted for people 15yrs and older.

Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) Gender Dysphoria Service

Depending on your child’s age and circumstances you may get a referral to this service based in Melbourne (the Tasmanian State Government currently has a Patient Travel Assistance Scheme which pays travel costs should you need to go with your child to the RCH).
At RCH, the Gender Dysphoria Service consists of a team of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists, Adolescent Physicians, Endocrinologists and Gynaecologists. We work together to ensure that all young people presenting to RCH with gender concerns receive a comprehensive assessment and ongoing support. If you, or your child or adolescent wishes to be seen by the RCH Gender Dysphoria Service, a referral is required from a general practitioner.’

Recent Article about RCH: Ollie’s brave journey: Gender Clinic helps growing number of transgender children, The Age, 30th April 2015

RCH Paediatrician
Dr Michelle Telfer
Centre for Adolescent Health.
50 Flemington Road, Parkville, VIC, 3052
Ph: 03 93 456 538
Department of Education, Tasmania
Guidelines for Supporting Sexual and Gender Diversity in Schools and Colleges