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Gender Help For Parents’ signs LGBTI Groups Joint Statement on the Plebiscite

‘Gender Help For Parents’, whilst primarily an information and support service for Australian parents and carers of gender diverse kids, also engages in advocacy when we feel the need to speak up on behalf of our kids and our families.
In keeping with our desire to protect our families from the potentially harmful effects of a plebiscite, which includes the ongoing ‘debate’ surrounding marriage equality (which already has resulted in our kids being targetted, as well as the services that have proven beneficial in supporting them), we have signed the following LGBTI Groups joint statement on the plebiscite’ created by Australian Marriage Equality : http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/2016/09/14/lgbti-groups-joint-statement-on-the-plebiscite/
We ask the Australian Government to scrap the plebiscite plan and more towards enabling a free vote in the parliament.’