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How much is a Gel Blaster in Australia?

Gel Blasters are toy guns that are known for being realistic in appearance. They are available in different options from pistols, shotguns, rifles, and submachine guns. The gel blasters use dissolvable bullets made from a gel. This makes them safe products to use, which explains their popularity.

You can use gel blasters to organise Paintball-like combat games. It would be great fun playing skirmish games with family and friends using gel blasters. Since they are safe, they are perfect as a family entertainment. If you are thinking of buying them, we tell you all about their pricing.

Gel Blaster Pricing in Australia

Gel Blaster products are safe, popular, and available in a variety of options. You can buy them from any of the stores in Australia or online. While there are many sellers, you should look to buy from the best company that is the leading retailer in Australia. The pricing details of the leading retailer Tactical Edge Hobbies is being shared below.


You can look at the pricing to understand the prices of different products. This information will help you get a clear idea of the pricing, so you can plan your purchase.

  • When we look at Gel Blaster rifles, the prices start at $158.99. Depending on the specifications of the rifle and the features, pricing can be $575, $650, and can go up to $799.
  • If you want submachine gel blasters, then the prices start at $155 for the basic model. Average pricing ranges from $339 to $499. The highest priced product is $595.
  • When it comes to pistols, the lowest priced product is $30. The average pricing of most pistols ranges from $250 to $459. The most expensive pistol is priced at $649.
  • Shotgun prices range from a low of $99 to a high of $840. Sniper rifles start at $199 and go up to $799. If you are interested in the grenade launches, it would cost around $165, with shells priced at $75.
  • The pricing of gel balls starts at $10 for 50G. 5-pack stingers are priced at $30. If you want hardened white-gel balls, they are priced at $40.
  • If you want magazines, the pricing starts at $1.99 and goes up to $349. It depends on the product you use the magazines and the features needed.
  • Protective eyewear is a must while using gel blasters. Eyeglasses start at $8.10 and go up to $80 depending on the design and features. A complete vest package would cost around $100.

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