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What Wheels Fit a Ford Ranger in Australia

¬†Your Ford Ranger is a great vehicle, but are you getting everything out of your driving experience? With a roomy interior and a versatile bed, the Ranger has plenty of space for hauling all kinds of cargo, and with the available four-wheel drive, you can conquer all kinds of terrain. But looking past that, the Ranger also offers great fuel economy, and it’s available in many trim levels with all kinds of features, too.

When it comes to modifying your pickup truck, the options can seem overwhelming. What do you even want? What would make your truck uniquely yours? The answer: custom wheels. Custom wheels are amazing for many reasons. First of all, you can truly make them your own. You can design them to fit your truck to the finest detail. And the guys at Wheel Pros make custom wheels easy.

Fuel Block Matte

The Fuel Block Matte was engineered to fit the Ford Ranger. The Fuel Block Matte wheels from Fuel Block fit all 2005-2017 Ford Rangers, as well as the 2018-2019 models. The Fuel Block Matte wheels are manufactured from aluminum, making them lightweight and strong. The Fuel Block Matte wheels measure 17×8-5, 17×9-5, and 17×10-5. The Fuel Block Matte wheels are available in matte silver, matte gunmetal, matte black, matte white, and matte black. When shopping for wheels for your Ford Ranger, be sure to look at the Fuel Block Matte wheels from Fuel Block.

Icon Alloys Rebound

Icon Alloys has been producing high-performance aftermarket wheels for a wide range of vehicles for decades. Icon Alloys offers performance products for all vehicles but specializes in making wheels to fit Ford Rangers. The Ranger is the smallest and lightest truck in the Ford lineup, but it is renowned  ford ranger build (and suggested) by enthusiasts for offering great handling and performance at the track.